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Curated is a website that provides a platform for young artists to introduce their work to the world. 


The most effective way to show undiscovered artists' work is to hold an exhibition in a gallery or a museum. However, the cost of renting these spaces is enormously expensive. This results in meager opportunities for viewers to meet a new and unknown artist's work. Furthermore, even though some artists have their own website or social media to upload their work, people cannot find their contact information if they've never seen their work before.

Curated provides a platform where users can easily discover new artists, and artists can easily share their work and information. Curated provides visual search feature, which allows users to search for new artworks with an image


When people see a new artwork with a similar style to their favorite artists', they tend to feel connected to it easily. Based on this idea, Curated provides a visual search feature, with which users can find new artists' artwork similar to an image that they upload. With this feature, users will be able to feel more connected to artworks even though they see them for the first time.


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