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NBA 75th


2021 Website Design

Teaser Page

Player Hub

Player Page

For this 75th anniversary celebration, the NBA announced 75 of the greatest players in their history. Before the player reveals, Huge made a teaser page to generate excitement and reflect on the past 75 years of NBA history. The teaser page is designed like a scrapbook with lots of memorabilia showcasing the cultural influence of the NBA.

To celebrate the NBA's 75th anniversary, Huge was asked to design web pages to bring the past 75 years of NBA history alive. During the season, NBA announced 75 of the greatest players in their history and called them the 75th-anniversary team. Huge made a web page to introduce these players in a more immersive and interactive way and included other, more informative pages. 


Agency: Huge

Executive Creative Director: Dwayne Raupp

Project Manager: Rachel Pendergrass, Aaron Antonides

Group Creative Director: Aaron Doyle

Creative Director: Rob Bigwood, Marty Muthuswami

UX Lead: Ken Kerr

Visual Design Lead: Dan Kennedy

Visual Designer: So Jeong Shin

Senior Emerging Experience Engineer: Kurt Lorey

Copy Writer: Tava Chunn


The player hub is an interactive platform introducing the players selected for the 75th-anniversary team. This page gives NBA fans an unexpectedly immersive and exciting experience, unlike anything they have seen before. While floating around the page, users can check each player and go to the specific player page to see more information. Additionally, there is more informative and fun content, including connection points between players, featured articles, and highlight videos. 


Player pages are made to provide basic information about each player on the 75th-anniversary team. It includes each player's bio, highlight videos and images, and stats. 

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