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Canada Goose

2021 |  Website Redesign

UI elements are designed to match the overall brand look and feel. The simple and minimal UI elements convey its elegant and luxurious mood. 

UI System

Product Listing Page

The PLP opens with an immersive full-bleed image. The main element of the PLP, product cards, allows users to explore products briefly by showing color options, more product photos, and videos on a hover state. Also, by using filters, users can easily find products that would be well-suited to their needs. 

Product Detail Page

On PDPs, customers can customize products while getting detailed information about them. Full-bleed images and elegant parallel animation make an immersive experience that embodies the brand's core idea: "Live in the open." 

Collection Page

Collection pages are designed to highlight the collaboration products and convey the unique story behind the collection. 

Agency: Huge

Executive Creative Director: Dwayne Raupp

Project Manager: Amanda Harlan

Group Creative Director: Richard Davy, Stephanie Perdomo

UX Lead: Ken Kerr, Brandon Coleman

Associate Creative Director: Samantha Clark

Visual Design Lead: Dan Kennedy

Senior Visual Designer: Faith Kaufman

Visual Designer: So Jeong Shin


Huge was asked to create a dynamic and meaningful digital experience for Canada Goose. Canada Goose is a high-end fashion brand that produces extreme weather outerwear. We have redesigned their website in a way that captures/expresses the brand identity at every level of the digital shopping experience, from the smallest UI elements like buttons and icons to entire product pages.

My roles/responsibilities in this project included but was not limited to early design exploration as well as creating the style guide, UI elements, and page designs.

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