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A brand identity and signage system design for Greenpoint, the northmost neighborhood in Brooklyn. 

Greenpoint is the northernmost neighborhood in Brooklyn, and has many dead-end streets. There are no landmarks or destinations at the end of these dead-end streets, and people rarely venture to them. However, there are often spectacular views at the end of the streets, for example, the view of Manhattan or Long Island City across the water.

Reflecting this idea, the logo for this brand system is a "G" that has three lines jutting out on its left side to symbolize dead-end streets. The other letters of the alphabet were also designed in the image of this logo.

2019 | Environmental Graphics & Branding


As you can see on this map, the street names in Greenpoint follow alphabetical order. To showcase this feature of the neighborhood, and to provide interesting experiences for visitors, alphabet-shaped sculptures will be placed at the end of each street in Greenpoint. Visitors will be able to take in the breathtaking views at the end of the dead-end streets while exploring the installations.

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